FETA Travel Depot

Alamat Kantor
Pasig, Philippines


WHO WE ARE: WE LIVE AND BREATHE TRAVEL! FETA Travel Depot started as a full service travel business in April 2008 when 2 vibrant, edgy travel afficionados, Sharon R. Perez and William Paul Amorsolo II decided to put their passion into business. We didn't grow big until 2010, and yes, when we did, we became unstoppable! In 2013, we merged with Far Eastern Travel Agency, the Philippines' oldest existing travel services provider since 1946, solidifying our reliability and credibility. Aside from being a travel agency, we also pioneered the development of formal education on travel agency entrepreneurship powered by the expertise of our travel business consultants, speakers, and experts, Ms. Sharon R. Perez and Mr. William Paul Amorsolo II. Today, we are the only copyright holders of the How To Put Up Your Own Travel Agency Business Seminar. We are currently located at 2803 Jollibee Plaza, F. Ortigas Center, Pasig City with over 850 travel agency affiliates nationwide!

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