Fandom, Inc.

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801 Richbelt Tower, San Juan, Philippines


Fandom is a software development studio focused on creating games for mobile devices. Fandom, Inc. was first established in January 2005 as a venue to gather the creative minds of the Philippine science fiction and fantasy community, the New Worlds Alliance. From there Fandom evolved to a software solutions and gaming company composed of game aficionados, creative artists, and avid developers, while backed by a management team that each has more than 15 years of vast IT industry knowledge and experience. Over the years, Fandom has become the Internet and Mobile Gaming and Application Solutions arm of the iVenture Holdings Group of companies involved in Enterprise Solutions Development, Systems Integration, Telecommunications and Networking, Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing and has developed numerous games/apps for local and international clients. We are individuals driven with creating engaging entertainment applications that is enjoyed by billions of gamers. Our team is composed of highly skilled individuals capable of delivering software to a highly competitive market. We exercise an open culture that welcomes new ideas and designs while keeping an environment that helps nurture and grow talent for the business and ultimately our passion. Fandom Inc. was started by a select group of members with experience in the field of programming and the arts to produce and develop applications. As we grow we also push to create a plethora of original content reflecting our own tastes and culture to be enjoyed by everyone!

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