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Fagokho Corporation

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Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

About Fagokho Corporation

After perfecting his ramen skill, Chef Ikuta Satoshi, a native of Fukuoka Japan, opened his first small ramen shop on September 2004 in Shinjuku Japan which operated only on Tuesdays. He named it Ramen Nagi.
In Ramen Nagi, every noodles that comes from the counter are custom cooked based on the four basic choice: Butao King (original pork bone broth), Black King ( pork broth infused with squid ink), Red King (spicy pork broth) and the Green King (an Italian inspired soup made from a combination of olive oil and basil).
Ramen Nagi never fails to provide the diner a delightfully curious and memorable experience with a bowl of ramen as it continue to enjoy tremendous success because of its commitment to authenticity, quality, innovation, and creative thinking.
To fulfill our dreams, we are inviting you to embark on a culinary adventure as we savor these ramen creations.
To date Ramen Nagi has branches in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hongkong and the Philippines.

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