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EUNICE, INC. is a trading corporation established in the Philippines in October, 1986, a year of political and economic crisis in Philippine history. It started as a husband-and-wife team with one sales representative, one office secretary, and one delivery driver after its President and General Manager, was granted the exclusive distributorship of Payan & Bertrand S.A. products in the country. Payan & Bertrand in Grasse, France is a manufacturer of primary raw materials and fine fragrance compounds and essential oils used in the production of merchandise for personal, household, and industrial care and for aromatherapy. In order to address the demands of its customers, EUNICE, INC. expanded from providing fragrances into other cosmetic ingredients, food flavors and colors, pharmaceutical, household and industrial ingredients, and packaging materials and accessories with raw materials imported from Europe, North America, and Asia. Hence, it is in continuous search for newly-developed ingredients and materials abroad. It utilizes current information technology devices in acquiring information from its global product sources and suppliers. Thus, the company maintains its being up-to-date with real time developments in the industries it is involved in. EUNICE, INC. has been constantly providing its international suppliers and domestic clients with products of outstanding quality and service of excellent standards for two decades now. Yet, its fervor to realize its vision to be the ONE leading supplier of high quality fragrance, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food ingredients and packaging materials for manufacturing products with health and beauty benefits. EUNICE INC. remains firm of its commitments and is steadfast of global economic changes and challenges. We are inspired of the following statement by Charles Darwin… “It is not the strongest nor the biggest specie that survives, but the one most responsive to change. With assiduity, perseverance, and teamwork, its management and personnel incessantly exerts efforts to emerge “victorious with joy” which is what “Eunice” stands for. ”

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