Entrepreneurs du Monde

Alamat Kantor
MBI Building, Santa Cruz, Plaza Manila, Manila, Philippines


Entrepreneurs du Monde (EdM) is a French international NGO founded in 1998 and operating in several countries of West Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia. It enables a growing number of impoverished men and women in developing countries to develop their income and gain access to employment. It supports partner organizations that serve families living in the slums or in isolated rural communities, by giving them access to micro loans, savings, relevant training and high social impact products and service. In 2015, EdM has launched a new Access to Energy Project in the Port Area of Manila City: “ATECo”. This project is based on a network of field officers offering a rent-and-rewards service linked to energy access in several slum areas of Manila. In the long run, this project aims at becoming a local and sustainable social enterprise.

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