Crescendo Staffing and Business Consulting, Inc.

Alamat Kantor
Unit B19 One Convio Bldg. 932 Aurora Blvd. cor 20th Ave., Quezon City, Philippines


The Company is in the business of Staffing, Recruitment and Business and Management Consulting. The services we offer are multi-purpose and scalable, i.e. for the use of smallest institutions up to the biggest conglomerates. The company was envisioned 1st quarter of 2013 in a humble residence in Quezon City where two friends were collaborating on the needs of their respective accounts working for a BPO. The need for qualified recruits with specific skill sets was the root cause of our challenges. This brought rise to the idea of sourcing the right candidates with the right skill sets. Amidst the gargantuan realities of progress in the workforce and an unimagined confusion in all aspects of recruiting and hiring. We cannot help but be part of the confusion. The march of progress in this dynamic world is both unmistakable and unstoppable. Countless institutions have seen their investments lost because of trial and error, training and marketing, hiring and recruiting and worse, because of the way doing business has changed dramatically. Imagine the time, money and effort used in recruiting and hiring people which don’t stay or is not fit for the job or does not really match what companies need. In every Crescendo recruit, we ensure a seamless fit to your organization’s business need. Information processing of your workforce is planned and a marketing and sourcing map is designed. We draw a particular application system on the total picture of the type/line of business environment where candidates are going to be hired, e.g. Customer Service, Technical Support, Healthcare, Back-office. To Crescendo, nothing less will do. Any experienced recruiter worth his salt knows that for any requirement, the results are just 3% - 5% of the total candidates applying. The age-old fact that the basic way by which any institution conducts its business is not changed by the marketing and advertising environment it is using, is still true. The way of conducting and efficiently managing the business is only at best enhanced and in worse case, limited. In every Crescendo service, the environment and workforce specifics are closely identified, analyzed and matched. As envisioned this will enable our partners to concentrate on more urgent and important matters in their business. To ensure this we do not use generic approaches in sourcing our talents/candidates. Taking a BPO Company as a Partner, it is customary that if the organization needs to hire agents, it posts ads in the internet, screen a ton of applications, conduct a multitude of interviews only to come up with, at most 5% of all applications. That would translate to a loss of 90% - 93% of your recruiters lost or unproductive time. What if the organization needs 100 agents in a month? That would translate to 2,000 applications to process which can become a bottleneck… all from missing the big picture that organizations are build to generate revenue and not recruiting and hiring. Let us help you concentrate more of growing your business and let us do the nitty-gritty of pooling, screening, interviewing and recruiting…Go Crescendo! Let us go back to the basics. Your business is to generate revenue based on your line of business e.g. Call Center, BPO, HPO, Sales, Construction, etc. These are your specializations. Our specialization is recruitment and staffing. The fact is that almost all if not all miss out on this simple truth. The founding partners of the Company have almost half their lifetimes in continuous and increasing experiences in the workforce from different industries. This would range from contact center, sales, fast food and beverage and construction industries with strengths in Human Resource, Recruitment, Operations, Training and Quality Assurance, Client Services and Process Design/Implementation in both domestic and offshore locations.

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