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Roura DermSurgery is one of the very few centers in the Philippines that offer Liposelection only by VASER and is considered the Pioneer of this procedure in the country. Known as the new standard in liposuction, VASER sets a higher standard for body contouring with its proprietary technique called VASER Hi-Definition Liposculpturing (VHD), only available at Roura Dermsurgery. Roura DermSurgery combines the specialties of Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery to effectively address healthy skin care and overall aesthetics. Precision Skin Care at Roura DermSurgery is at its best because of extensive studies and research on skin care. We have studied the appropriate need of the skin to become youthful and radiant. Our skin care line is customized to individual needs of each client because we believe that everyone is different. Not only do we have the most competent world-class doctors, our services are only a fraction of the cost from other developed countries. You get the same treatment at the most reasonable price, in a tropical paradise, plus that undeniable Filipino hospitality that the Philippines is well-known for.

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