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We're a fast-growing, well-funded B2B SaaS Startup riding the momentum of our best years to date. In the past six months alone, we've developed and launched our most successful SaaS product yet and hit Seven Figure Sales in just five months. Our SaaS has entered a market ripe for disruption. With just small innovations, we're already taking rapid market share and are poised for even more explosive growth going forward in 2015. Our growth has been so rapid that our current virtual team is now struggling with systems, project management and general operations. We've reached the limits of our current capacity and our team now thirsts for someone who can handle a group of talented, passionate individuals - and get the best from them, so we can continue to work in synergy and take things to the next level! Thousands of online business professionals currently rely on us to assist in the growth and marketability of their companies. We have a lot more ideas in store for 2015, and need someone who is ready to pitch in and help us grow! In return, you'll be joining a virtual team who considers itself more of a family than a 'work force'. Our company has strong emphasis on 'cool working, cool living'. You will always be given the support you need, and you'll get to enjoy working in a lively and passionate environment, with equally enthusiastic people from all over the world. Among our main concerns, is that you enjoy your work and can address the demands of the role with a positive and passionate perception. At the same time we continue to push boundaries and embrace the opportunity to work at the edge of our comfort zones, to develop mastery over new sets of skills and abilities - letting us take the market by storm. In short - working with us is not only going to be fun, it's also going to make you a more valuable asset in every regard.

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