Dial-A-Note (Civicom Pacific Corp.)

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4A Unioil Center 1222 Acacia corner Commerce Avenues, Muntinlupa, Philippines


Dial-A-Note is a service of Civicom, Inc. Civicom was founded in 2000 on the premise that a combination of convenience and excellent service at the best value would meet with broad acceptance in the marketplace. Dial-A-Note is the premiere voice to CRM solution that combines technology and intelligence. This creates the most accurate solution on the market due to the talented and driven employees that support our high end clients. Sustaining a business for the long haul requires honesty, integrity and mutual respect. We achieve this by VALUES • Customer service excellence • Mutual respect • Personal and intellectual integrity • A sense of urgency, innovation and constant improvement • A positive and hopeful attitude • Enjoying the challenges and hard work of growing a profitable business in a competitive context • No bureaucracy, no politics, no egos, no surprises, no high school drama, no tolerance • Giving back in a meaningful way WHY JOIN US? Happy is our goal, happiness is our strategy. We at Dial-A-Note believe that professional growth can be best achieved in a work environment that is energized, fun and adaptive. When your heart is in the work, you get more done, create more value, and enjoy life more. A happy workforce is productive and all other successes come along with it. We also believe in doing something important by giving back to the world. This created a unique organization somewhere between purely profit and purely not-for-profit in hopes that if we start, many will follow. Will you?

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