Charter Hands Staffing Inc.

Alamat Kantor
1924 New Form Realty Building, Pasay City, Philippines


Charter Hands Staffing, Inc. (CHSI) was formed in May 2001 to initially meet the general service requirements of its affiliated companies. CHSI was born to carry out the mission that is to play a major role in nation building by providing quality manpower service to companies. It is a professional management and manpower organization focused on providing local companies with competent work force. We realized that despite the numerous recruitment agencies in our country, there is still a need for professionally and efficiently managed recruitment agencies. This is the major concern that brought us into existence. In April 2007, CHSI moved to a still strategic but larger facility near its corporate office. It is now located at the #1924 Bernabe St. cor. Taft Ave., Pasay City. Since the time it was formed, it has been delivering its commitment which is to provide quality service to its clientele. Since the foundation of the company, our overall philosophy has been strived for excellence and become the primary providers of competitive, efficient and reliable resource solutions. A crucial element of our philosophy has been established by trust and authenticity among our clients and among the people that make up our database. Thus our motto: “Efficient service and total care for people”.

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