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Alamat Kantor
San Miguel Ave, Pasig, Philippines


WE AT CERTICA We recognize that expanding your business overseas can seem daunting. We understand your fears, your concerns and your apprehensions. What we want to do is to transform these fears into possibilities, these concerns into opportunities and these apprehensions into growth. Our promise is to help you every step of the way as you expand your company globally. We assure you that it’s still going to be your business; we’ll just open more doors for progress and development. THE CERTICA CORE VALUES Our ‘Certainty Star’ depicts our three core values of Intelligence, Integrity and Innovation. Linked together, these brand values form the letter ‘C’ at the center, representing the absolute Certica Certainty that we deliver. All these are in line with our commitment to always keep you ready! Certainty. We create certainty through benchmark compliance and services. Integrity. We deliver certainty through our unquestionable integrity. Intelligence. Everything we do is done with applied intelligence. Innovation. We build success through innovation.

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