Alamat Kantor
Nangka, Marikina, Philippines


About the contractor: The contractor gained her experience from reputable executive search firm and was able to build her own reputation in the industry. She has touched base with a good amount of professionals and clients during her tenure in the corporate world. The contractor envisions a passion that can help job seekers and companies meet. The contractor wishes to bridge the gap of employment needs across the company. She is a young dreamer that gives high value to recruitment and is committed to contributing jobs for the Filipino family Contractor Profile: The contractor offers employment to job seekers and present qualified and exceptional talents to companies. The contractor showcases a wide range of expertise from different industries across the country. The contractor caters all levels of employment from rank & file to executives. The contractor offers recruitment on a different level. More personal and targeted. Services: The contractor offers a personal and targeted sourcing process. With the right understanding of the client needs, position shall be filled based on qualifications and criteria that the company is looking for. The contractor also caters to talents that are in search of the right and suitable companies that will serve them career growth and satisfaction. The contractor caters to talent search of all levels and diverse industries. From rank & file to executive levels. The contractor offers an experience gained over the years including multiple connections and database where client can be assured of continuous endorsements. The contractor is also at service with talents that are looking for better career. The contractor opens its doors to everyone who wishes to refer professionals to any possible vacancies. The contractor envisions to become an instrument to empower the employment capacity of our great nation by helping each and every one provide a brighter future for Filipino families.

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