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CAMEL Appliances Manufacturing Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances in the Philippines. Incorporated on August 15, 1991, CAMEL was initially engaged in the design and manufacturing of electric fans. With an emphasis on quality, efficiency, research and development, CAMEL became successful in gaining a significant market share within a short period of time. As the demand for CAMEL products increased, it expanded its product line to include industrial fans, exhaust fans, rice cookers, gas stoves, flat irons, toasters and weighing scales. In year 2005, CAMEL saw an opportunity to cater to the expanding washing machine market in the Philippines. The launch of CAMEL washing machines was very well received by customers and dealers alike. So in year 2006, CAMEL invested on more plastic injection facilities, washing machine moulds and equipment’s to start its local production of CAMEL washing machines. To date, CAMEL enjoys a big share of the washing machine and spin drier market in the Philippines. In Year 2000, CAMEL was presented with the National Consumers Quality Award for the “Most Outstanding Appliance Brand”. In that same year, the company also received the award for being the “Best Appliance Brand” from the 18th Annual People’s Choice Award. In Year 2004, CAMEL was heralded as the “Most Outstanding Appliances Brand” by the Consumer League of the Philippines Foundation, Inc. In Year 2005, CAMEL received four different industry awards, one of which was the Asia-Pacific Excellence Award (APEA) for the Most Outstanding Kitchen and Home Appliances Brand. From Year 2010 to 2012 CAMEL bagged Global Brand’s “Most Outstanding Appliance Brand”. In Year 2012, CAMEL received the “Best Household Washing Machine Brand” for the fifth year in a row and the Silver Seal for “Best Electric Fan Brand” from Consumers League of the Philippines Foundation. Today, CAMEL Appliances has earned its spot as one of the top corporations in the Philippines and has been accorded with various awards for twelve consecutive years. Its dedication to quality and excellence is further attested by being one of the first few companies in the country to be granted the highly coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification last March 2015 by SGS Phils., Inc. To succeed in this competitive industry, great products need to be complemented with affordable cost and good service. That is why all 800 individuals behind CAMEL Appliances are dedicated to offering the best quality without compromising cost and time while providing maximum value to our customers through world-class services.


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