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10 Evangelista Street Santolan, Pasig, Philippines


BULLSEYE GROUP Bullseye Group of companies includes Bullseye Solutions, Inc. (BSI) and Boosterfoods, Inc. (BFI) and Provencal Food, Corp. • Bullseye Solutions, Inc. (BSI) is a leading IT imaging company in the Philippines distributing, servicing and marketing top multinational IT imaging brands like Agfa Graphics and Agfa Healthcare, WDM Medical, etc. BSI is an industry pioneer in the healthcare and graphics sector in the country, catering to the top hospitals, clinics, newspapers and printers in the Philippines. • Boosterfoods, Inc. (BFI) is a marketer and producer of innovative and exciting consumer products. BFI was formed with a vision to create new and exciting products targeted to the growing demands of Filipino consumers. The management and people behind it have a deep background in FMCG sales, distribution and marketing. BFI is aiming to be a strong contender in the consumer goods market, continuously launching its own brands of fresh and innovative products that will excite and enrich the lives of consumers. BFI is also the maker of “Booster C Energy Shot”, successfully introducing the first energy shot to the Philippine market. It is a also leading consumer goods distribution company in the Philippines for top multinationals such as GlaxoSmithKline, Kimberly-Clark, Uni-President, Sysu International, and other leading local brands, covering top key accounts up to small community stores across the nation. • Provencal Food Corporation is a company, established by three friends passionate about food in 2003, with a very simple goal of opening and operating a restaurant that delivers topnotch food and service for our patrons to enjoy. With this simple goal, emerged the venture of running Café Provencal, situated at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall, serving sumptuous French Comfort Cuisine from the south of France, even before the comfort food craze began in the county. After having been in operations for 15 years, Café Provencal has now been transformed to the newly opened D&B – Duck and Buvette. D&B – Duck and Buvette is a Casual French and Bakery restaurant. Its doors have newly opened just this July of 2014, serving a lot of the regular customers from Café Provencal, as well as new mall goers in Shangri-La Mall. Our core values in running the restaurant revolve around our common love for good food. In so keeping with this value, we make it a point that the food we serve are only made from the freshest ingredients and prepared from the heart --- without any shortcuts. This is the foundation of any good food. Apart from good food, we understand that the overall dining experience is also very important. This is why we continuously train our staff members to maintain its friendly but efficient service, which our establishment is known for. Official Websites:

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