Bugsy's Sports Bar & Bistro

Alamat Kantor
Taguig, Philippines


The Bugsy’s story began in 2007 when a group of friends were toying with the idea of putting up their own bar. They had long wanted to put up a place where they could enjoy good quality food, indulge in drinks, and engage in lively conversation with other friends. They envisioned a cozy place with dark wood tables and chairs, roomy and plush couches, and an inviting bar. Taking inspiration from prohibition- era mobster movies in which people would congregate in intimate cocktail bars and lounges, the friends came up with the name “Bugsy’s”, after Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, the infamous underworld figure who was instrumental in the development of the Las Vegas gambling scene. With the name and the concept in hand, an opportunity presented itself in early 2008 when a spot opened up in Citygolf Plaza in Ortigas. Three months later, Bugsy’s Bar & Bistro officially opened its doors. Bugsy’s has become known as a cozy neighborhood bar that serves delicious American comfort food and offers a wide range of premium drinks at affordable prices. Our strong focus on service has endeared us to our customers, and has created a strong word-of-mouth following for the Bugsy’s brand. Our story continues today as we strive to ensure that the quality of our food and our standard of customer service is at its very best for our most important stakeholders, our customers.

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