BIG Group of Companies

Alamat Kantor
AEK Building, Quezon City, Philippines


BOLD, INTERDEPENDENT, GOD-CENTERED This is what BIG Group of Companies stands for. We believe in being Bold. We believe in taking risks. We believe in creating a culture of not being afraid to make mistakes because that's how we'll grow. We believe in making the right and ethical decisions regardless how unpopular. We don't always go with the flow. We go with what our Spirit tells us. We believe in being Interdependent. We help and build each other become the best version of we can be. We believe in a culture of fostering friendships and relationships by constantly enjoying engagement activities so we can work harmoniously while producing excellent results for the company. We believe in being God-centered. We follow the principles and values of the Bible in our everyday operations. This makes our decision-making process easy and sustainable. We simply have to know what the Word has to say. Welcome to the Big Group of Companies! Let us know how we can help. Brands & Companies: St Patrick Baby, Obi Baby, Cedarhills Garden Center, Tangent Construction

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