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About Us ECO-FORMWORK SYSTEM PHIL., INC., the name that pace set the trend in scaffolding & formworks industry, did it once more in construction technology “the newest Pre-cast & Cast in Situ Integration System”. Since new idea needs a new name of its own, BETON BAU PHIL., INC. was born to take care of this latest product line. Line of Expertise Civil & Structural Concrete General Contractor / Sub-Contractor Building Works: High and Medium Rise Buildings, High and Medium End Factories Condominium, Offices and Residential Buildings Civil Works: Airports, Dams, Spillways, Flood Control System, High Wall, Silo Walls, Tanks, Control Tower, Sewage Treatment Plant, Dockyard, Box Culvert & Bridges Other Resources & Specialization: Equipment & Equipment Rental, Formwork, Scaffolding, Slip form & Structural Steel Works Foundation Works: Pre-Cast Specialist: PC Walls, PC Beams, PC Stairs

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