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How We Started

Every one of us eats and breathes beauty whether we admit it or not. But beauty comes at a cost and not many can afford the steep prices provided by most skin clinics today.

On August 2011, Skin House opened and operated for the sole purpose of providing diode laser hair removal and underarm whitening at a time when other clinics were offering it at sky high prices. Skin House advocates providing excellent service, maintaining a clean environment and using top of the line machines to change people’s perception that quality aesthetic services may be given affordably.

Guided by this principle, Skin House has grown and is now operating in 2 branches. Skin House plans to expand and reach out to more men and women to bring out the confidence that is in each of us.

Vision Statement

To dedicate our efforts and resources so we can fully penetrate the aesthetic market by providing non-surgical procedures and using top of the line supplies and laser machines at more affordable prices.

We aim to provide high-quality aesthetic services to the working class, providing them a chic and clean environment where they can relax, where they can be confident that they will be taken cared while we enhance their beauty from the inside out.

Mission Statement

We work with committed people with genuine interest in beauty, aesthetics and in serving other people. We give our time, effort and energy to educate and keep ourselves abreast with new and effective treatments and technologies, including combination therapies, to deliver actual results, at the same time making sure that our services are excellent and that our prices are affordable.

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