B.E. Mobile Mall, Inc.

Office Address
No. 76 Uro Subd., Sampaguita Rd.,, Zamboanga City, Philippines


B.E. Mobile Mall is a young and forward looking company in the Philippines that aims to improve the lives of many Filipinos through business and entrepreneurship. The company makes use of mobile technology to reach and connect consumers and retailers through “M-Mall”. The mobile revolution in the Philippines has already begun and has already made a difference to many businesses where internet and computers are not readily accessible in some areas of the country. Mobile retailing is a natural evolution of how businesses are conducted and will explode in the next few years. The company will be at the forefront providing a seamless service, solving technological problems and overcoming operational barriers to make transactions easy and accessible to many Filipinos. One Icon Ltd. is an international company based at the heart of the technology centre not just in the Europe but the rest of the World, in Cambridge, United Kingdom. One Icon is the provider of the technical expertise behind the “M-Mall”. One Icon was established by a Filipino-British that believes that technology and innovation paired with ethical and environmentally conscious business practices can be a change agent in the Philippines and bring prosperity to many. “M-Mall” or “Mobile Mall” is a marketplace where buyers and sellers connect and complete transactions. Our strong emphasis on the mobile differentiates the company from competitors already operating in the Philippines. Our commitment to community retailing ensures that the retailers benefit from increased exposure to the market and benefits to the buyers with products that increasingly provide good value for money. M-Mall redefines the concept of social shopping or retailing through the use of communities in the retailing ecosystem. This promotes trust and minimizes the risk of fraudulent activities within the marketplace.

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