Asian Centre for Insulation Philippines, Inc.

Alamat Kantor
Unit 902 South Center Tower, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Muntinlupa, Philippines


Like the legendary phoenix, Asian Centre for Insulation Philippines, Inc. rises from the ashes of the old Asia Pacific Insulation Phils., Inc. (APIC). A lean, more efficient and better organized corporation attuned to the competitive and dynamic conditions of the business. The technology, secret formulation, expertise and the professionalism that characterized old APIC have been carried over to the new company. The 30 years of business experience in its chosen market, both local and international continue to be with the new company. The former management have banded together in 2004, pooled their expertise and resources to form the new company. The corporate leadership commits itself to a management practice of candor and intensity. It proceeds from continuous learning from all segments of its business environment and using the knowledge to augment its commitment of service to its customers. Our Vision: We aim to be a customer-driven major niche player in the local insulation industry, a trading services contracting company with focus on commercial and geothermal projects in the Philippines. Our Mission: We are committed to: Our Customers - To continuously provide them with the best insulation materials and on-time delivery of goods and services. Our main objective is to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction. Our Employees - To ensure their continuous and balanced growth as the company's most important asset. This will be done through fair and adequate recognition of individual and team contribution. We provide pay for performance, adequate training and supportive working environment to ensure the employee's well-being. Our Shareholders - To achieve a fair and optimum return on their investments and ensure that their good name and reputation shall be upheld through the company's good corporate governance. The Public and The Environment - To comply and even exceed the local, national, and global industry standards, ensuring the preservation of the natural environment where we operate and the safety of the public. Our Core Values Our day-to-day activities are guided based on our core values. 1. Customer-Orientation. What ever we do, the interest of the customer takes priority. The covers quality of our work, on-time delivery and completion of work. The basic question we ask ourselves is."What will I do to benefit our customers?" 2. Commitment - This is more than just our word of honor. No matter what the difficulties or challenges we face at work, we will not give up until the work is accomplish. Our commitment is to our company and our work. 3. Trust. This is our belief in the company, its vision and mission, and its ways of working. It also means believing in ourselves and our capabilities, trusting our managers and co-employees. 4. Hard Work. We give 100% effort to our work, all the time with no short cuts, and exerting our best efforts to perform our tasks correctly, even walking the extra mile. 5. Continuous Learning. We keep an open mind, to make us better persons and service providers. We welcome challenges of our business operations and pursue innovative way of working.

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