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Alamat Kantor
208 AIC Gold Tower, Pasig, Philippines


Asialink Group of Companies offers an array of products both collateral and non collateral loans with low requirements and affordable rates. Collateral loans have guarantee (whether vehicle or property) in exchange for the money that we will finance you. Asialink Finance Corporation only holds the Original Receipt / Certificate of Registration (OR/CR) as collateral for vehicles and The Original Transfer Certificate Title for Property/Real-estate. Non-collateral loans have no guarantee. We will require the client to provide a co-borrower or a co-maker who will join signatories in the issuance of Post Dated Checks (PDC). The PDC is your mode of payment to the company. Non-collateral loans are Doctor's Loan, Business Loan, Salary Loan, Beneficiary and Allotee Loan, and Franchising Loan. The interests for all products are 'add-on' and are effective on a monthly basis. Example: 2% per month is multiplied by the loan terms. All of our products have a processing fee which is deductible to your loanable amount. The processing fee is different for every product.

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