Art Provenance

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Unit 301, 3 Brixton Building, Brixton St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City 1603


Art Provenance is a provider of security tagging and documentation services to the art community in hope of making artworks easier to authenticate and more difficult to forge.

Art Provenance protects the community for the long-term. It establishes a robust and dynamic provenance record that is physically linked to the work. The database is designed to grow with the community. As it expands, forgery becomes more difficult and the art community more secure.

Art Provenance is supported by a team that has experience in Gallery Management, Art Logistics, Materials Manufacturing, Technology and International Finance. This solution is the result of these diverse backgrounds applied to the growing problem of art forgery, and motivated by first hand experience. Art Provenance was built by the art community for the art community. We are committed to creating an enduring solution to this problem.

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