Alamat Kantor
540 Quezon Avenue, Quezon, Philippines


In 1980's, Advance Marketing started importing brand new tires to support our production of used vehicles from Japan, as tires were always out of stock then. We began with low priced truck tires from China, and soon thereafter, with higher end models and variants. In very little time, trade become bullish, and we started importing and distributing quality tires from India. And this paved the way for us to become one of the country’s drumbeaters in the tire industry. Currently, we are the Philippines’ sole distributor of Apollo, Altura, RPG, Marathon, and Sterling brand of tires. Advance Marketing employs just few but highly competent workforce of about over 200 personnel nationwide. This workforce never ceases to exert strenuous efforts in finding ways and means to meet highly demanding market needs so as to maintain industry reputation and reliability.


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