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Tifa, Jalan Kuningan Barat 1, Jakarta Selatan 12710, Indonesia
Jalan Kuningan Barat 1, Kuningan Barat Kel., Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


PT. ACCESS MOBILE INDONESIA We are born at the AGE OF ACCESS, inspired by the innovative concept of the hypercapitalism economy, which is accessing the experience of using things such as subscription, membership, instead of possessing and owning. Today we live in the era of mobile, paperless, electronic, virtual things. Yet, there are innumerable areas which are not accessed via mobile. Many of the times MOBILE-IZATION of certain resources, information, processes solves the problems of inequality, unproductiveness and stagnation, creating fluidity, productivity and equality. Therefore, we see great value in enabling your idea in mobile way and reaching your goals via mobile. Since the beginning, Access Mobile’s products, services and business models conform to this economic philosophy of access and we are good at Mobile-ization.