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When considering switching IT Companies, it is important to understand what other IT Companies offer as opposed to what you need. Most IT Companies will simply see what you have and try to make it work as opposed to following structured approach that works. Ideally you want an IT company that understands you needs and implements an IT Solution around your company’s requirements. Often a “let’s be everything to everyone” approach is used by an IT Company. Most companies have very similar IT setups and other than the choice of hardware, the only aspect that really changes are their custom applications. The user behavior, IT support methods and the IT Infrastructure is almost always the same. We have adopted to follow a completely system driven approach when maintaining companies IT Infrastructure for them. Over the past 16 years Westech has identified specifically what needs to happen when supporting companies IT for them and it has to be managed by a system. The systems we use are software based and our administration system are “check list” driven. This approach allows us to consistently offer the same high level service to whoever we support and on a constant basis. Our main focus is to make sure that we follow a system driven procedure when maintaining our customers IT for them. The systems have to be put in place first where after the customer has to be educated on how it works. When these two work together, the whole IT experience becomes harmonious. This is what an IT Company should be offering you.

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