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A.C. NOBLEZA AIRCONDITIONING & REFRIGERATION SERVICES is a group of an expertise and experienced technical people, engaged in the mechanical works. A specialty trade contractor that specializes in Heating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration works. Our job deals with, installation, repair, maintenance, design, supply of equipment and other related jobs. Duly registered at the Department of Trade and Industry, with a certificate registration, dated January 18, 1996, up to the present. It was organized and established with principal objectives of giving competitive, swift and accurate, without disregarding the quality of the job. The technical skills of the main group are refined thru broad training and updating to new technologies. Compounded with the extensive experience in the field of this specialty, assures the possibility of achievement for every task that entrusted to us. Certainly, that we can deliver the best quality services required, be it in a residential, Industrial or commercial establishments. That we, as a contractor, can work as required by designer/owner, based from ASHRAE, SMACNA and other mechanical handbooks

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