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DETAILS PROJECT #1: A National US Solar Company Market: U.S.A. (Amaeda, Solano, Marin & San Francisco) Line of Business: Lead Generation Description of Services: o # of Agents: 5 or more o Delivery: Each lead submitted on Excel with Recording. Best hours to dial are 4-10pm EST. They just need to be interested in a callback o Price: CA|HI - if Power Bill is 151+ = $18 CA/HI- if Power Bill is $100-150 = $15 AZ|CT - if Power Bill is $101+ = $12 CO|MD - if Power Bill is $101+ = $10 MA|NJ|NY - if Power Bill is $101+ = $10 NV - if Power Bill is 101+ = $10 OR - if Power Bill is 101+ = $10 o Criteria: Get all qualifying questions in the conversation. Monthly power bill needs to be over $100, no shade on the roof and there credit has to be over 680. Client will accept at least 650 but don't say that. If they don't know, ask if they know it's over 680 then try 650. If they come back and say I don't know but I know I have good credit that’s fine. If they say they don't know they don't qualify. There is a 5-day review for the leads submitted. o Pay Out: Bi-Monthly o All calls are recorded; Database is provided PROJECT #2: A Canadian home improvement company Market: Canada Line of Business: Appointment Setting Description of Services: o # of Agents: 5 or more o Delivery: Water Heater must be 5 years old. Furnace must be 13yrs or older to qualify. AC must be at least 13 years or older or they must not already have one. o Price: Two appointments daily per agent = US$10 per appointment. Four appointments and more daily per agent US$15 per appointment o Criteria: Work shift Monday through Saturday. Set appointments for earliest 1pm and no later than 9pm with a 1 hour window. And confirm first name, address and phone number. Let them know the agent will call before they show up. Via Excel Spreadsheet with Recording Daily after each shift o Pay Out: Bi-Monthly o All calls are recorded; Database is provided PROJECT #3: Residential Electric, Gas Leads and Home Automation throughout USA Market: U.S.A. Line of Business: Lead Generation Description of Services: o # of Agents: 5 or more o Delivery: Residential Electric, Gas Leads and Home Automation. Each lead, depending on the Supplier will be submitted in CRM or generate a Call Back, or transfer to verification. Goal is 100 enrollments monthly. o Price:  Electric and Gas 1st 10 Enrollments = $5  2nd 10 Enrollments = $6.5  3rd 10 Enrollments = $7.5  4th 10 Enrollments = $8.5  5th 10 Enrollments = $10  Home Automation = $40 Sale o Pay Out: First Payout in 2 weeks, then followed by a Weekly Payout o All calls are recorded; Database, Dialler and VOIP are provided; PROJECT #4: An Education Company Market: Australia Line of Business: Lead Generation Description of Services: o # of Agents: 10 or more o Price: AUS 40/enrolment Criteria: The appointments qualification is based on meeting a person with a limited qualification showing interest in engaging our services to achieve higher education which is Australian government funded or under government VET scheme. o Pay Out: Monthly o All calls are recorded; database and dialer provided. PROJECT #5: Solar Company Market: USA Line of Business: Lead Generation Description of Services: o # of Agents: 3 or more o Delivery: 5 leads/day o Price: US $5/lead o Pay Out: Weekly o All calls are recorded; database is provided. PROJECT #6: Advertising and Marketing Company Market: USA Line of Business: B2B Sales Description of Services: o # of Agents: 10 or more o Delivery: 5 sales/day o Price: US $20/sale o Pay Out: Weekly o All calls are recorded; database, CRM and VOIP are provided. o Outbound credit card pulling campaign. We target small to medium sized businesses offering them Guaranteed Front Page Placement on Google. PROJECT #7: Back, Knee and Shoulder Brace Campaign Market: USA Line of Business: Live Transfer Description of Services: o # of Agents: 5 or more o Delivery: 3-5 transfers/day o Price: US $5 up to 30 live transfer; US $7 if above 30 live transfers o Pay Out: Weekly o All calls are recorded; o To call over and under 65 years old interested in the back, knee or shoulder braces PROJECT #8: Animators We are looking for freelancers or small company of animators who can create 30 seconds, 1 minute, 90 seconds and 2 minutes packages Cost for ( without the story board than we can do ) or "story board price separately" 1- Whiteboard animation 2- kinetic ( no characters ) 3- Motion graphics with characters with VO , FX VERY good style ( portfolio have to be great ) Please send us the portfolio of previous works and company profile at leonard.d.ocampo@gmail.com PROJECT #9: UK Finance Boiler Market: U.K. Line of Business: B2C Lead Generation Description of Services: o # of Agents: 5 or more o Pay Out: Weekly o All calls are recorded o Payment: £20/sale o Calling UK Resident to check if they are interested to replace their broiler. PROJECT #10: Timeshare Refund Campaign Market: U.S. Line of Business: Outbound Refund Description of Services: o # of Agents: 10 or more o Pay Out: Weekly o All calls are recorded o FULL OR PART-TIME OK. o We have a predictive dialer that dials the phone for you. Our Dialer can dial 20x Faster than you can manually dial the phone. This is how you are able to reach people so quickly & make $$$$ so fast... 5-10 second Hold Time waiting for a new Customer to talk to. o MUST speak clear English, have sales experience & have a good Attitude o You will log into our predictive dialer with your own user name & password. We will send the calls to you. 20-1 Ratio meaning you will have 20 phone lines dialing out just for you to make sure you make a lot of $$$$$ every week!! o We will give you the webinar cut video that will allow you to give out the webinar link but it will be cut right before the payscale. This will allow you to recruit reps to work for you without them knowing the payscale you are receiving. o You won't have the expenses such as Dialer, phone bills, Airtime, seat charges, etc... PROJECT #11: Non Voice Market: USA Line of Business: Post advertisements in craigslist Description of Services: o Payout: .5 cents an ad USD o Payout Timing: Bi-Weekly o Ad posting requirements: 50-100 plus ads needed daily Requirements: IP Changer www.hidemyass.com and PVAs (Phone Verified Accounts) Provider for PVAs: $3.50 last 48hours Pvaspot www.pvaspot.com/ CHEAP-PVAS.COM- PVA'S & US Forwarded Numbers www.cheap-pvas.com/ How to create free pvas for Craigslist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qL3q083kO4g How to post ads on Craigslist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw40mCYy6MY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3COstvgBf-M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0OUUnEVq_A Post job ads throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County with our toll free number. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0OUUnEVq_A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qL3q083kO4g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3COstvgBf-M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0OUUnEVq_A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw40mCYy6MY PROJECT #12: IVA Live Transfer/ LEAD GENERATION !!!PERFECT ENGLISH ONLY!!! Work from home from 4pm to 1am (Philippines time). Calling UK customers who has debts and will offer them an IVA , a government program that will help them to pay off their debts. This is not a sales campaign. Payment: We will pay the center 25 GBP Based in our record, 1 agent can actually closed 5 leads per week 5 x 25 = 125 GBP (Php 8,431.27) If you have 10 agents, your center will earn 1250 GBP (P84,313) per week! You’re not dreaming, those numbers are real, it’s paid in British Pounds. That’s exactly why we need perfect English speaker who will provide quality leads. Bi-Weekly payment by bank transfer or deposit. Start date: ASAP TYPE: Long term and full time CRITERIA: DEBT LEVEL: £7000 NUMBER OF CREDITORS: 2 DISPOSABLE INCOME: £100 TYPE OF DEBTS ACCEPTED  UNSECURED PERSONAL LOANS  CREDIT CARDS  STORE CARDS  PAYDAY LOANS  SHORT TERM LOANS  CATALOGUES WE WILL NOT, UNFORTUNATELY, ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING TYPE OF DEBTS:  PAWN BROKER LOANS  UTILITY BILLS FOR PREVIOUS ADDRESS/S  COUNCIL TAX OUTSTANDING FOR THE PREVIOUS YEAR OR A PREVIOUS ADDRESS/S  DEBT SOLD ON TO A DEBT COLLECTOR  GUARANTOR LOANS  SCRIPT PROVIDED: YES  LEADS PROVIDED: YES  TRAINING PROVIDED: YES  DIALER PROVIDED: YES  VOIP: NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  CENTER MUST ONLY TRANSFER OR SUBMIT LEADS OF CUSTOMERS WHO ARE QUALIFIED BASED ON THE CRITERIA  TRAINING VIA SKYPE. WEBCAM AND SPEAKER FOR THE AGENTS REQUIRED.  FIVE AGENTS IS RECOMMENDED TO START TO ENSURE A HIGHER CHANCE OF YOU SUCCEEDING IN THE PROJECT.  SCRIPT PROVIDED IS A WELL TESTED SCRIPT BUT YOU MAY ALSO TRY YOUR OWN AS LONG AS YOU HAVE IT APPROVED BY US FIRST. PROJECT #13: UK Accident Insurance Campaign (Lead Generation) – details will be provided later PROJECT #14: Diabetic Lead Generation Using Avatar Technology Press Button $3/ Hour if Each Agent gives Min 5 Qualified each day $3.5/ Hour If Each Agent gives Min 8 Qualified each day And we can Calculate Weekly basis and then pay the following Week.. If fails to reach the hourly goal then they will be paid $2.5 Per Qualified Note: Please keep in mind VOIP Center has to afford. PROJECT #15: B2B Sales  Payment is US $2.5 per hour per agent if agents gives 2 sales per day on the first month and 3 sales/day on the 2nd month onward. If lesser than the target, payment is flat US $6/sale.  If each agent give 3 sales per day and target achieved, meaning, 66 sales in a month/per agent, we will give incentive $100 each agent.  After 4 months to see your agents performance I will do $3.5 instead of $2.5 and payout is increase up to $5 per hours it's depend on your agents performance.  Right now Market is US & Canada later we extend in Europe or Australia market  Data we will be provided. PROJECT #16: Facebook Marketing  We currently have an opening position for a Facebook marketer position.. This job is very easy anyone can do it.  You don't need to have a skill or anything. Just be dedicated and hardworking individual and you can earn good amount of money.  Everything will be explained if you are interested for this job and we will send you the files.  This job is very simple and anyone can do it.  We are paying $0.5 per 1 post.  Please let me know if you are interested I will send you the details.. Our top earners makes around $20-$30 a day And you can be that too.  Before we start first we need at least 5-10 fb accounts.... blank accounts is fine means no profile picture no city location I will provide this later on. The more accounts the better because you can have more earnings and old accounts are A+ and much better to use if you have them. You will use this accounts for your own marketing. Prepare all the accounts first and knock me when you are ready. I will give you all instructions and hire you... It will be great if the names are American names.. Leave me a message if your accounts is already. PROJECT #17: Websales Lead Generation  If you achieve 40 leads a day, you will get US $150 payment in advance and will be replenished  No need for conversion so long as the parameters are followed.  US $15 if lead is converted  Data is provided  Working schedule will follow Europe (2:00PM to 10:00PM) and if Australia will be morning shift ALL PROJECTS ARE WITH TRAINING, QUALITY AND OPERATIONS SUPPORT FROM 3S We also sell all types of database, 1 month – 6 months old and very affordable. Let me know when you are available to speak. We look forward to work with you. Regards, Leonard D. Ocampo Chief Executive Officer/ President 3S Offshoring & Outsourcing Inc. Ground Floor, Donio-Lim-Magno Bldg., Blk-6 Lot 11-12 Phase-E Brgy. Mulawin, Francisco Homes Subdivision, San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan Philippines 3023 Mobile: (+63) 9175981375 (+63) 9493413426 Landline: +63 (044) 307 3243 Email: leonard.d.ocampo@gmail.com Skype: leonard-ocampo

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