Mengantar Karya Bangsa

Mengantar Karya Bangsa

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Jalan Danau Paniai, Malang Kota 65138, Indonesia

Malang KotaIndonesia


About Mengantar Karya Bangsa

Our Company Mengantar is a growing startup company located in Malang. We are here to assist in the delivery process to ensure packages are delivered successfully, rather than returned. We achieve this by utilizing a platform and monitoring by our customer support team. Mengantar assists users who conduct both cash-on-delivery (COD) and non-COD sales. While we do not provide couriers directly, we collaborate with expedition services. To utilize the Mengantar platform, users need to register on the platform and provide the required information. Once registered, users can easily track the package delivery process and communicate with our customer support. Our customer support team communicates with users/sellers, the expedition service (package sender), and buyers throughout the package delivery process until the package reaches its destination. To learn more about Mengantar, please visit: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Mengantar Our Team Currently, the Mengantar team consists of 50 to 80 individuals, the first team is the IT development team. They are responsible for assisting in and developing a platform system that is user-friendly and allows for easy tracking of shipment status until it reaches its destination. The second team is the customer support team. They are responsible for assisting and monitoring the entire delivery progress. We strongly believe that prompt response and providing appropriate solutions are crucial factors in ensuring optimal delivery. Our team is focused on performance improvement as the primary priority to continually deliver better solutions.
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