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Alamat Kantor
Manila, Manila, Philippines


It was in October 2003 when a family of entrepreneurs took the risk of introducing to the Philippine market an idea that has been well embraced at different parts of the world. . Banking on its potential, a new company was given life—designing it from ground, up with the intention of ultimately running a 24/7 shopping channel. In November 2005, Shop TV first went on-air for 12 hours a day. But it wasn’t long enough for the 24/7 shopping channel to become a reality. By August 2006, Shop TV became the Philippines’s first 24-hour DRTV channel. Home Shopping Network, Inc. through Shop TV has continued to bring forth the mission of providing authentic, trend-setting, high quality lifestyle products through convenient shopping from home and delivered direct at the customer’s doorstep. For over a decade now, HSN has been the source of a multitude of unique and innovative local and imported products. The company sees to it that products seen and sold over Shop TV have been meticulously chosen, carefully tested, and proven effective. Through the years the company’s logo of a rooftop with signal rays against a blue background has become synonymous with innovative and revolutionary products. While the channel’s logo, the four-colored bars has become the mark of value, quality, trust, and hassle-free shopping. HSN indeed has altered the way the Philippine market views TV home shopping. Through the company’s efforts to deliver the best quality services and products, it has given the direct-television industry credibility, authenticity, and longevity.

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