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Top up or load to get Candidate Contact Info. Kalibrr does not charge you for job posts or placement fees.

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Need 1 Hire*
10 candidate contacts**
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PHP 3,898.00 
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30 candidate contacts**
UNLI job post
Basic ATS
PHP 10,886.00 
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Need 3-5 Hires*
50 candidate contacts**
UNLI job post
Basic ATS
PHP 15,848.00 
VAT inclusive

*Hiring estimates are based on past client usage of candidate contacts.

**Candidate contacts are valid for three (3) months.

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What are Candidate Contacts?

Kalibrr provides a candidate's profile that contains their work experience, education and assessment results, but you only pay for the candidates you like

Use your Candidate Contact to get their contact information and begin recruiting candidates you like.

How Kalibrr Works

Post your jobs for free

Each Candidate Contact package includes free Job Posts. Use your Candidate Contacts only when people you like apply to your jobs.

Get qualified candidates

Kalibrr utilizes social media to connect with millenials, skilled talent and active and passive jobseekers for your opportunities.

Engage only the best candidates

Since you only pay for candidates you like, Kalibrr helps decrease your recruitment costs by 40% compared to job boards.

and you can also...

Search our candidate database for free

Search the highest quality candidate database in the Philippines to invite them to your jobs. When a candidate accepts, 1 Candidate Contact is deducted.

Message candidates directly

Kalibrr is the only platform that has SMS built-in to instantly reach candidates on their phone from your computer. Candidates can reply for free.

Short-list candidates instantly

Kalibrr gives you tools that automatically short-list candidates — we sort and rank the best candidates so you spend the most time with the best people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a candidate contact?
How is Kalibrr a better choice for our recruitment needs?
How do I pay for Kalibrr services?
Can I pay online?
How long will my contacts last if I top up my Kalibrr account?
Do we have to pay a success fee every time we interview or hire a candidate?

Talk to a live recruitment consultant

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Join 6,000 companies using Kalibrr

"Kalibrr was a good disruption to DBM. Aside from formally helping us recruit fresh new talent, it also gave us a convenient and reliable answer to people who ask how they can join the government. We just tell them to go to Kalibrr. This intergovernmental partnership with a tech startup is definitely unprecedented at this scale. When word started going around that there's such a thing as ‘‘Kalibrr’’, there would be directors who go straight to me looking for new recruits. And our employees from Kalibrr have been impressive."