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Employer Success Stories

Arista Nugrahini

HR Business Partner Kompas

Nadia Selo Adji

Employer Branding Lead, PT Bank BTPN



Coca - Cola

Kalibrr is the solution for our problems.

Availability of great, varied talent pools help us meet the needs of core positions at Kompas Gramedia. The candidate quality is also relevant with the transparent recruitment process for both the candidate and the company.

Kalibrr is very helpful in the
recruitment process at Bank BTPN.

Since Bank BTPN is focusing on promoting the acceleration program, we need a large pool of applicants, mainly fresh graduates. Kalibrr, with its good branding, is perfect for our talent pool. Real time reporting from Kalibrr is also very good and really helps Bank BTPN evaluate the existing recruitment process and plan our next hiring strategy.

Kalibrr has been able to show high quality candidates results, so we continue this collaboration to this day. Kalibrr is responsive to client requests, flexible, and ultimately very cooperative.

Kalibrr was able to reach the candidates that we want to embrace. We were extremely impressed with how they were able to maintain their work consistency. They are what I call 3Rs: ready to help, reliable, and remarkable.

As one of our sourcing tools to attract a large number of applicants, thanks to Kalibrr for its branding and number of qualified candidates, we can enhance our talent database. The Kalibrr platform really gave us a quality result.

Kalibrr is the solution for our problems.

Availability of great, varied talent pools help us meet the needs of core positions at Kompas Gramedia. The candidate quality is also relevant with the transparent recruitment process for both the candidate and the company.

Arista Nugrahini

HR Business Partner

Got Questions?

We have you covered.

If I have questions regarding my Kalibrr subscription and platform usage, how do I contact my account manager?

Our account managers are reachable through e-mail and chat platforms such as Whatsapp and Viber. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to our team through, and our account managers will contact you directly.

My subscription is about to expire, how can I renew it?

30 Days before your subscription is expired, you will be notified through Kalibrr platform. To access it, you can log-in to your Kalibrr account, and click the Renew button to send a renewal request. You can also reach out to your dedicated account managers to assist you for renewal process.

How can I add the job post slots, user access, and/or premium feature into my current subscription package?

Add-Ons and Custom Package request can be done via direct request to Account Managers or to

Once I posted job in Kalibrr, will it be shown on other website?

Kalibrr has partnered with multiple job portal and education institution to ensure more exposure to your job posts. For full list of our partner, please visit

How do I connect my career website with Kalibrr?

We have two options for career website integration: through hyperlink and API. For hyperlink option, you can simply copy and paste your Kalibrr's company page URL to your career website page so once the jobseeker click it, they will be redirected to your Kalibrr's company page. For API Integration, you can request for API documentation & access to your account manager and he/she will assist you for the integration process.

Why are my Job Posts are not published directly?

Every Job Posts posted in Kalibrr will undergo a quality control process called Job Curation. This is to ensure that the job is informative, consistent and inline with our Terms of Use ( The curation time will take a maximum of 3 Working Hours. For further queries, you are welcome to reach out to support team directly via support widget (bottom right page) when you are logged in.

What are things not permitted in my Job Post?

We don't allow any form of Contact Details and Links to avoid confusion in the application process.

What should I do if Job is labelled as expired?

Expired jobs means that they exceed the application deadline that you set when you first posted them. You can either reactivate the jobs by prolonging the deadline (Click Edit > Edit required information) or move them to tab Deactivate (Click More > Deactivate).

I have additional questions about using Kalibrr. Can I talk to someone directly?

Yes you can. Just simply request for a demo here and our Enterprise Partners can answer all your questions about Kalibrr during the demo meeting.

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Invest in a
hiring solution
that works.

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