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9 Times Working "Adults" Still Need Mom

By Marga Salvador on May 5, 2016

Let's all pause for a minute to jointly acknowledge that we aren't the responsible, or even remotely capable at life, adults we'd hoped to be by this age. Sure, we've got jobs (or are looking for one) and we drink grown up drinks and drive and know how to give a good handshake. These are all the becomings of a full grown and fully functional adult of society. There are, however, those inevitable moments where you just aren't adult enough. Everyone reaches that blockade or errand when words or knowledge fail you and the only available response is the cry of your childhood: "Moooom!"

Sometimes, even us working "adults" still need Mom/Mama/Ma/'Nay.

1. Applying for adult documents and IDs

(Source: giphy)

2. Trying to replicate the pantry at home

cartoons & comics food money cake regular show
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3. Who knew there were so many kinds of 'cleaning the house'?

(Source: theodysseyonline)

4. Money management... or just having enough for dinner tonight

shrimp mini food food miniature tiny food
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5. Doing the laundry (How did she keep socks white???)

(Source: kym-cdn)

6. Cooking for yourself Not destroying the kitchen

The Simpsons bart simpson season 16 episode 9 upset
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7. Getting sick and having no clue how to fix it

tv love cute kiss beautiful
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8. Remembering things

disney pixar nostalgia toy story finding nemo
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9. Just waking up in the morning

morning tired monday wake up mondays
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Not to worry, friends, you are all of us. Thankfully, Mom is always there to help us sort the laundry, file our taxes, or laugh at us until we get it right.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! It's a tough job but we need you. Clearly, we still do.

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