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Work-Life Balance: Fitness at the Ortigas CBD


February 25 • 7 min read

Looking for a little work-life balance in the middle of Ortigas city? You don’t have to look too far. Right in the central business district, you’ll find different places where you can sweat away the stress and find a new you outside of work. Here’s a tour of the area and its hidden hobby houses: Ortigas Wellness Alliance Strata 100, 22nd floor.

Yoga+ Popular for the calmness and the energy that it can give to its practitioners, yoga is a highly recommended activity for people whose lives are run by stress. Yoga+ offers classes to people coming from all levels of fitness – don’t be shy to walk in if you’re a beginner! The studio offers Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin and hot yoga classes. For the 9-5 workers, they have schedules early in the morning, in the evening, and even during your lunch break.


Polecats Manila Pole dancing isn’t just about being sexy. It’s about strength, flexibility, and creativity. If you’ve ever wanted to learn pole dancing, visit the Polecats in their home studio. Aside from learning how to climb a pole, students can also learn tricks on silks, hoops and spinning poles. It’s a great way to boost your confidence and express yourself. They have classes in the evenings and at lunchtime too.


360 Fitness Club 360 Fitness Club’s battle cry is holistic, functional fitness that will help you in your daily life. Known for their intense circuit training, it’s the place for people who want to bring their fitness game to a whole different level. Their group exercises include kettlebell training, suspension training, body balance, and body combat. If you’ve really got too little time, most of their classes have 30-minute pocket versions. You can also get a personal trainer for a more customized time slot. Ortigas Home Depot Julia Vargas Avenue, beside Home Depot, 2nd floor.


Elorde Boxing Gym If you’ve got to let off some steam, try it at Elorde Ortigas. Here, take your pick between training in boxing and Muay Thai. At the end of the day, don’t use yourself as a punching bag, instead, let it all out on the real thing. AIC-Burgundy Empire Tower Unit 1418.


Project Lifestyle Manila These days you can never be too prepared. Project Lifestyle Manila is a place where you can learn to defend yourself. They offer daily classes in Brazilian Jiujitsu with evening slots friendly to people who work in an office. They also have classes for kids that starts right after school lets off and ends right before normal offices close, giving you an interesting alternative to daycare. If you’re also interested in Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, wrestling and Muay Thai, visit them and get in on the lifestyle. SM Megamall.


AAK Fitness System  Right on the  5th floor of SM Megamall is a studio where you can study self-defense and appreciate the martial arts. Though most of AAK’s students are young individuals going on to compete, it’s never too late for you to learn something new. AAK specializes in the Japanese art of Karatedo. Visit them after work and see if they have a schedule that works for you.


Fitness First The Fitness First gym in Megamall is an all-around exercise studio. Members enjoy state-of-the-art equipment, a cycling studio, steam and sauna rooms, complimentary beverages, and entry to other Fitness First locations. They also have group classes you can join like Zumba, Body Combat, yoga, cycling and more. Shangri-La Plaza Mall Level 5.


JNA Dance & Fitness Center If dance is more your thing, troop on over to Shangri-La mall. The JNA Dance & Fitness center has classes in Zumba, jazz, hiphop, bellydance and pole dance. Aside from dance classes, they also offer yoga and taekwondo. Most of their classes in their evening, just in time for that after work me-time. Working in a business district doesn’t mean it’s all business. The busier you are, the more you need to take care of your physical and mental health. If you work in Ortigas, find what works for you and take that short work that leads to more work-life balance.
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