Recruiter’s Guide to Finding Great Candidates

On this page you will find several tools and resources related to finding great candidates.

They say, finding great talent is like searching for a needle in a haystack. As much as hiring mangers would want recruiting to be a walk in the park, more often than not, hiring the best candidate is a little more complicated than what none-recruiters think.

The competition is high knowing there are a little over a million jobseekers in the country today. So how do you exactly source for the best ones?

We understand your dilemma that’s why we’ve gathered these tools and resources you can easily read through and share with your team, and help you in finding and hiring great talents.

The recruiting industry has seen big changes in the last few years as the economy and technological advances have altered the way many companies hire. It’s helpful to know about the biggest issues your recruiting company could face and how to handle these issues when they arise.

When it seems like you’ve tried every play in the book but you still aren’t reaching your quotas, it can’t be a pretty sight. One slip up and your backlog turns into an avalanche of deliverables that you can’t outrun. The result is a cold, hard, and burned out recruiter.

When the playing field and job streets are so saturated, what nooks and crannies do you turn to?

Picky, picky, picky. That’s what jobseekers are today.  Despite the job market being more competitive than ever, job applicants are even more meticulous about job posts and descriptions. If they don’t like something in the fine print, they’ll keep looking. Here’s what they like to see on your job posts.

Why it’s important for every recruiter to ask the situational brain twister questions during an interview? You may find the reasons quite interesting.

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