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First Kalibrr Academy for 2019 Held at the Ateneo Professional Schools

First Kalibrr Academy for 2019 Held at the Ateneo Professional Schools

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on February 6, 2019

Kalibrr, in partnership with the Ateneo Graduate School and Interchange Consulting, continues its series of workshops focused on HR and Recruitment

First held in September 2018, the Kalibrr Academy series of workshops was once again held at the Ateneo Business Schools. Held in partnership with InterChange Consulting Inc., the first workshop of 2019’s theme was “Elevate Your Professional Impact, Elevate Your Career”, and featured resource speakers from InterChange Consulting sharing their experience and expertise about personal and professional improvement.



First Kalibrr Academy for 2019 Held at the Ateneo Professional Schools - Ronnie Marquez


Opening the whole-day session was InterChange President and CEO Ronnie Marquez, who discussed the various aspects of growth, particularly the differences and relationship of growth awareness and growing intentionally. The certified John Maxwell coach also detailed the different gaps one can encounter in their growth, the various guidelines that can help ensure that growth is constant and, how mentorship, and actively seeking it, is an aspect that should be paid more attention to for overall improvement.



First Kalibrr Academy for 2019 Held at the Ateneo Professional Schools - Miguel Pabilonia


Next was InterChange Director Miguel Pabilonia, Jr. who, himself a certified John Maxwell coach, discussed how businesses are grown by growing the people behind them. He touched on topics such as the goal of increasing influence, how people tend to attract those similar to them more than those fitting the archetype of who they want to attract, and how hurting, learning, and/or receiving enough results in breakthroughs for both businesses and for individuals.



First Kalibrr Academy for 2019 Held at the Ateneo Professional Schools - Myrna P. Neri


The first workshop of 2019 was closed out by Myrna P. Neri, another John Maxwell certified coach who also has a Masters in Public Management and is a consultant for the Asian Development Bank. For her second time gracing the Kalibrr Academy, she discussed how personal and professional growth begins with recognizing personality strengths and weaknesses, and how to increase self knowledge by using the DiSC® model to adapt behaviors with others — be it within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationships.


This first Kalibrr Academy workshop of 2019 saw attendees from a variety of companies, from startups to enterprises, with many being professionals in the human resources, and others being local and even foreign entrepreneurs.

For more information on Kalibrr Academy or its schedule for upcoming workshops, visit the Kalibrr business page on Facebook.

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