50 Interview Questions to Help You Find Your Rockstar Employee

Having great employees is an integral part of your organization's success, and is the key to keeping it solid. That means that during the interview process you have to ask the right questions that'll ensure whether or not the applicant fits not just the job, but also the organization's culture.

Every recruiter or hiring manager wants to find their "ideal" employee, the question is, how do we determine if they're ideal? The answer revolves around identifying the competencies that are critical for success on the job.

Competencies are observable behaviors that encompass the knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics that distinguish levels of performance in the work environment. They are an essential part of the hiring process because at this rate, you'll be able to identify how they work individually and as a team, their motivation and drive, and how they strive for career advancement.

Here's a little cheat sheet of interview questions summarized per competency that will indicate whether a candidate is a fit for your company. Download it because a) it is really useful next time you conduct interviews and, b) it's absolutely free!

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