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3 Common Mistakes You're Probably Making That Causes No-Shows

By Poyen Ramos on March 3, 2017

How do you feel if your applicant didn’t call, or didn’t show up for the interview? Considering the time you’ve invested in his or her application. It's frustrating, right? But what if we tell you that sometimes, it's not entirely their fault.

Here are three common mistakes you're probably making that make them not want to show up for an interview:
Poor Communication
Sometimes, recruiters think that with one phone call and one follow up email/call (with details of interview) will convince the candidate to turn up for the interview. Chances are they might not.

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Candidates often feel the lack of interest, lack of knowledge, lack of recruitment process clarity and this means they are less engaged in the process.

This can be avoided by having a solid and continuous communication prior to the interview. The goal is to remove as much uncertainty as possible in the interview process.

Pro Tip: Be fully knowledgeable on the job position and provide all necessary details ( job description, company details, growth prospects, interview process etc) in the initial call and immediately through a follow up email.
Poor employer branding
One thing companies must consider is focusing on their employer brand. A lot of today’s jobseekers say that they would entirely accept a job offer from a company, may it be reputable or not, if it showcases a strong employer brand. Candidates have to opportunity to get a feel what's like inside your company, see the staff in action, and the kind of work environment it has.

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If companies have poor employer branding, chances are they’re not attracting enough or even the right applicants, thus resulting to no-shows. Jobseekers are now looking for much more than salary in a new job and therefore organizations need to pay much attention to how their entire brand is perceived.

Pro Tip: State the reasons in your company’s About Page why employees will have a great and fruitful career when they work in your company.
Ignoring logistics
Often, both the candidate and recruiter overlook the interview location. Considering location is actually a vital aspect when it comes to job interviews, as some candidates have to come from different provinces or cities.

The most common reasons for no-show logistic issues are: location is too far off and the realization dawns on the interview date, unable to locate the interview venue, was not able to get a leave because the interview was scheduled at short notice, and the interview was scheduled during work hours and their inability to get off work.

Pro Tip: Give as much as possible an advance notice about the interview schedule. Do not push for interviews with short notice.

Kalibrr recently conducted a survey of Metro Manila jobseekers to find out if they’ve ever stood up from an interview, and 40% of respondents say that they skipped an interview without informing the recruiter beforehand.

Finding out why some applicants didn’t show up for interviews can help you improve your marketing and recruitment process, making it more effective and efficient. Download this free whitepaper for the complete guide to make your candidates show up.

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