6 Things to Accomplish Before the Holiday Break

The holidays are looming in on us and everyone at work is probably jollier with each passing day. There are decorations in the office, perhaps a secret Santa in the works, and a Christmas party that everyone is excited for.

Before you let the Christmas season take over, you've got to make sure that your operations are ready for the holidays as well. We may be closing the books on 2016 but 2017work year is just around the corner. Just like Santa, make your pre-holiday list and check it twice to be sure you're ready for 2017.

1. Update your work calendars

A good number of your employees have probably opted to use up the rest of their vacation leaves for 2016. To avoid wondering where half the company went, have your team update the company and leaves calendars so that you don’t waste time looking for people who aren’t even in the office.

2. Delegate the work that needs to be re-allocated

Since a few people might be on holiday already, you need to make sure someone is going to pick up the work that gets left behind. While it’s ideal that your employees did their work in advance, there is going to be some work that needs to be done in real time.

3. Identify the who will be on call

There are national non-working holidays and if you’re lucky, company declared holidays too. For most teams, you should be able to unplug completely for a couple of days but there will be others like the IT department or customer service that will still need manning even during the vacation.

4. Send Christmas emails to clients

While this isn’t a necessary gesture before the holidays, it is a nice one. Close up your 2016 books with a Christmas greeting thanking them for their business. A holiday email isn’t just polite as you can use this to communicate important information about your operations for the holidays and the new year to come.

5. Clear holiday bonuses

This one is for you just as much as it is for your employees. Though they won’t admit it, your employees are waiting for their 13th month pay and sooner or later, some will start asking for it so that they can cover holiday expenses.

6. Plan and start on the new year

As much as we’d like the new year to be a fresh start, let’s be realistic—when you get back to work in January, you (and most of the company) will still be on vacation mode and it will take a day or two for everyone to get back into the groove.

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