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What Does It Take to Become a Recruiter? (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Marga Salvador on August 1, 2016

Being a recruiter means being a student of the market you are recruiting for. Unless you are incredibly driven and already know the industry you will end up in, it's a good idea to stock up on the important skills and know-how's of the trade. Many people fall into recruiting after pursuing different tracks in college or early in their careers. Others pursue it actively.

The road to being a recruiter is a fluid one. Strictly speaking, you can come from unrelated backgrounds and work your way up the recruiting ladder. A bachelor's degree is required, but a master's is not. Continued education is preferred, however, in order to stay up to date with new hiring and HR developments. Oftentimes, recruiters' first job out of school is in sales. This teaches them the art of talking and closing deals. Customer service is also a known path as it teaches organizational skills and social aptitude.

While there is no board exam to qualify as a recruiter, certification from reputable organizations and institutions is a definite plus. The HR Certification Institute has recommended certifications for recruiters with varied levels experience and areas of specialization. LinkedIn also offers a certification exam that you can take online.  You can even enroll yourself at Recruiter Academy  and stand a cut above the rest.

The LinkedIn infographic below highlights the trends of recruiters and their backgrounds and experience. Where are you in your recruiter career journey?

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For a more in depth look at the recruiter career journey, check out The Savvy Recruiter's Career Guide from LinkedIn or download it here.

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