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On July 28 we are upgrading your account with Interview Scheduler, Reporting, and User Management features!

By Jaime Young on July 7, 2016


Sweet new features coming your way!

We're excited to announce that we are upgrading all Kalibrr accounts for free starting on July 27, 2016. All clients will receive three new features: Interview Scheduler, Reporting (Overview), and User Management. Check them out below!
Interview Scheduler 

Interview on Mobile

One common problem experienced by our employers was that candidates were not showing up to their interviews. We took this design challenge on and designed the Kalibrr Interview Scheduler, which hopes to increase the likelihood that they attend their scheduled interview date.

Scheduler GIF

The Interview Scheduler can be found in all job posts' For Interview state. It lets you set interviews with your candidates and company's interviewers (even if they do not have a Kalibrr account!) Kalibrr will automatically follow-up via e-mail and confirm the schedule with both parties. All of your scheduled interviews can easily be tracked on the interview panel, letting you quickly know the status of your candidates' interviews with flexible day, week, month, and year views.

Watch the Scheduler Tutorial here:


Reporting Screenshot

Our Reports tab lets you see how your job posts are performing on Kalibrr. All Kalibrr users starting from July 28 onwards will get the Overview report!


Our new reporting feature enables you to have a quick overview of your job post views, your applications, your invitations, your hires, among many other crucial metrics for recruitment teams.

Download our Recruiter Guide for Reporting to see more details on what it can do for your team.

To gain access to our more advanced Job Post Performance, Hiring Speed, Origins, Team Productivity reports, get in touch with our sales team today thru
User Management
Manage your team better with administrator access. Only your company's administrators can post jobs and add other team members.

User Management

To avoid confusion, all accounts will be administrators on launch. Please use our management system accordingly to match your company's processes.

Download our Recruiter guide for managing teammates to learn how to do this.

We're excited to have you use all these updates! If you have any feedback, shoot us an email at

Happy Recruiting!

- The Kalibrr Team