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Where to Find Qualified Applicants When You've Lost All Hope

By Marga Salvador on June 6, 2016

A company's progress is quite dependent on the work produced by it's employees; the work produced by the employees is largely dependent on the quality of employees; and the quality of employees is dependent on the recruiter. The job of a recruiter isn't an easy one. From the multiple figure quotas to the processing of applicants, the job is never ending. In the Philippines what with the congested metro and companies looking for new hires left and right, recruiting quality talent that fits your company's needs becomes a challenge.

When the playing field and job streets are so saturated, what nooks and crannies do you turn to?
Talent communities
(Source: itunews)itunews)">

Not necessarily a nook or cranny, but the world's largest social networking site has moved beyond connecting people and onto providing opportunities within these connections. Emerging in the form of Facebook groups, employment hopefuls are coming together and sorting themselves by industry, school, specialization, etc. These are known as talent communities.

Not only do jobseekers pool together in these communities but recruiters add themselves to 1) promote the opportunities they are hiring for and 2) stalk sift through the pool of available candidates. For jobseekers, talent communities have gained popularity in recent years for three reasons: 1) it's a platform that they already use and understand, 2) it's more updated than company career pages (for the most part), 3) it's less initmidating as a starting point.

Many jobseekers are unaware as to how to start the job search and naturally, they turn to social media for answers. When they chance upon these communities, they prove sufficient and so they continue the search from there. Our job, as recruiters, is to catch them in their natural habitat.
Your front door
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We've all heard of these job fairs and job festivals that companies and organizations host. They are well publicized and well attended. The problem? They are well publicized and well attended. This means that your company's job openings are competing against all of the other companies' openings at the event. This is great for bigger companies but for smaller ones, you aren't even guaranteed the scraps.

Solution? Host your own job fair. If you're thinking, "No, we won't get a turn out like this or that event." Good news, you don't need a huge turn out if you're hiring what, 20 people? Depending on the number of new recruits that you need, your effort and impact can be proportional. Hosting your own personalized job fair is a fantastic way to market your opportunities, your office, your culture, and your company as a whole.
Let applicants find you
Kalibrr for Recruitmentkalibrr)">

There's a reason why we're hearing reverent stories of walking the stretch of Ayala—it's a thing of the past. More and more companies are turning to digital solutions for recruitment. While some platforms are well known in the market of online recruitment, they are getting congested and clogged with outdated information and unresponsive channels. There are accessible platforms like Kalibrr that allow both jobseekers and recruiters to connect with each other easily and efficiently. If you don't believe it, then try it out for yourself.

Using innovated technology to eliminate time consuming tasks allow you to allocate your resources elsewhere. Being able to customize your application and pre-screening candidates saves the recruiter a lot of time and effort and in a rat race like recruitment, you're gonna need every spare second.

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