How to Make Sure Your Best Employees Stay (INFOGRAPHIC)

Technology has made hiring a lot easier. You can find candidates through social media channels such as Facebook Groups, and LinkedIn, or through job-matching sites like Kalibrr that matches your job posts to candidates who have the right skills you’re looking for.

However easy it may be to get jobseekers to apply to your job posts, it will all come down to how impressed you’ll be with their resume and the interview. And when you do finally find the needle in the haystack, you, as a recruiter or employer, must also do your part in trying to retain them. How? Through a little motivation, rewards, and most specially, acknowledging their efforts, no matter how little or big it may be.

Below is an infographic from Background Checks that’s full of tips and tricks on how you can retain your best employees.

How to Find, Hire and Keep the Best Employees [INFOGRAPHIC]
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    1. Poyen Ramos Post author

      Thanks, Carol! Hope you’re recruiting goes well.

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