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This Week's Product Changes - Nov 9

By Joan Magno on November 11, 2015

Hello, Kalibrr Clients! ?

Here's what we released on Nov 9:

Improved Tour

This week we improved the tour for first-timers to help them understand the platform.

Tour - Messages

Encouraging Candidates to Complete Profiles 

To encourage candidates to complete their profiles, we email them whenever a company views their profile. This way, they're encouraged to go back to the platform to make sure it's updated. This benefits the entire Kalibrr community. :)

Making Candidate List Management Easier

When you view a candidate profile, you can now see the Move To drop-down so you can immediately move them across your pipeline.



Search 230k Profiles Instantly

Even if you haven't published your job yet, you can now search our pool of 230k candidates! The invitations will simply be on hold until the job post is approved.

Squashed Bugs ?

We've also squashed some bugs on the platform to make your life easier. Thank you for reporting them.

Happy Recruiting!