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Product Improvements - Nov 15 & Nov 22

By Joan Magno on November 27, 2015

Hello, Kalibrr Partners! ?

Partnered up with Zalora

We partnered with Zalora. Candidates get a free code when they sign up and complete their profiles. Super exciting!

More candidates the moment you post a job

So we've been really thinking about how to deliver a great first 24-hour experience to all of our partners here at Kalibrr. We think you'll love what we've done: the moment your job post is approved, we e-mail all matching candidates about it. This is a huge benefit for both of our candidates and you! It jumpstarts applications and tells candidates that a fresh new job that fits them has been posted on our platform.

We also show them similar jobs after they've finished an application. This means we've added one extra screen of exposure for your jobs!

Added social buttons prominent on the job post to make sharing opportunities easier


Call me, maybe?

After talking to candidates, we realized that a YES or NO reply to a job invite was too big of a jump so candidates ended up not responding. Many felt they were unqualified. Some wanted more information. Most just couldn't say no. So we added a "Call me, maybe" feature that lets candidates reply MAYBE to your job invites.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 6.31.50 PM

You can find maybe candidates under Pending Invitations. Here's what it looks like:


If you really like the candidate, you can directly purchase their contact details:

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 6.28.41 PM


Candidate Search by Preferred Jobs

You might have noticed this nifty little filter. You can use it to filter candidates based on what job they prefer!

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 6.33.31 PM

So say you are looking for CSR agents that are at least HS graduates. Since most people on the Kalibrr platform would fit that bill, you can search by those who actually want to be CSR agents instead.

We fixed a bunch of bugs on our platform too. :)


Happy Recruiting!