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John Clements portal, deferred mobile verification, and some issues resolved.

By Joan Magno on August 8, 2015

Hey there, Kalibrr candidates! ?

A few things changed on our platform since you were last with us.

John Clements portal now on Kalibrr

The biggest recruitment firm in the Philippines is now on Kalibrr! We’ve partnered with john Clements to provide more jobs to you and we’ve made them a very special portal to boot. Take a look.

Screenshot of John Clements Portal

No more mobile verification code on sign-up

We listened to you guys talk about problems with receiving our verification code, so we decided to defer this step much, much later when you actually apply for your first job. You’ll still receive the code and you can verify it in your account settings. Mobile verification will still be mandatory for a job application though. This way, nothing can stop you from finishing the sign-up and onboarding process on Kalibrr!

Fixed other issues

Aug 10 2015

  • We’ve fixed the issue with your left-hand navigation bar disappearing whenever you visited the job board.
  • We thought the upload resume button on the pre-application page shouldn’t be there so we removed it. It redirected to the homepage which wasn’t a great experience. And people with no resume would still have to go through upload resume on the job app profiler flow anyway.
  • We fixed an issue where Popular Searches on Samsung Galaxy S4’s Chrome were not aligned. We fixed an issue that made Recruiter Last Seen erroneous — but just sometimes.
  • We fixed an issue that led you to the wrong page when you clicked on the job board from our jobseeker FAQ.
  • We fixed an issue that made the next button disappear during sign-up (and you’d be stuck there forever). Ouch.
  • We fixed an issue with your account settings page and now the checkboxes and text are aligned.
  • We fixed several issues found only on iPhone 6’s Safari, like when the navigation bar wouldn’t want to close once you’ve popped it open and when the Take Test button just looked plain weird.
  • We fixed an issue that made really long resume file names extend beyond your screen into the aether.
  • We fixed a ghostly issue that conjured a job search bar in the middle of the Kalibrr homepage when viewed on a mobile device.
  • We fixed an issue that led you to nowhere when you clicked on Continue Application to finish your assessment.