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Four of the Most Hired-For Roles at Kalibrr
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Four of the Most Hired-For Roles at Kalibrr

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on February 20, 2020

There are a variety of ways to decide on which jobs to apply for or careers to enter. Among the simplest? Asking, “which are hiring?”

While the continued advances in technology have many people up in arms about the possibility of some jobs– or job functions– being replaced by automation, a number of roles remain difficult for employers to fill.

Apart from tech not quite able to mimic the nuances of these jobs, the skills required in many of these are rather specific, often requiring a professional license or certification, continued technical training, as well as creativity and simply... the human touch.

So if you’re having some difficulty deciding on which industries or companies to apply to, or outright choosing a career, it can help to look at what continues to be most in-demand right now, as these are needed in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution–indicative of how they continue to be hired for despite other jobs becoming ineffectual because of tech.

For a better idea of which jobs companies are hiring for the most, the following are seven of the roles which have been posted the most on Kalibrr in 2019 which companies are so far seemingly who companies want to continue recruiting the most of so far this year.


Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing roles remain the most in-demand for a variety of reasons. Apart from its being a key aspect across almost all industries, the skills needed to fulfill a sales and marketing role are among those which cannot be replaced by technology. Granted these are helped by software and other solutions, but skill and creativity remain their foundation.

Additionally, the new technologies being developed today need to be sold and marketed, making sales and marketing professionals essential to the tech industry. With that said, sales and marketing opportunities are available across all others, with companies such as financial information and analytics company S&P Global and local retail giant Robinsons Retail among those constantly hiring.


I.T. and Software

Speaking of technology, if it hasn’t been made clear yet, I.T. and Software are now more involved than ever across different industries. In their efforts to digitize their processes, various companies and organizations continue to have an increasing need for professionals who can lead their digital initiatives.

Of course, the continued expansion of the tech industry itself has also added to this demand, with some companies even finding it challenging to fill their roles as skills aren’t earned as rapidly as the industry has expanded. So if you’ve always fancied a career in tech and are constantly adding to your skills through training and experience, opportunities in varying companies such as multi-media giant ABS-CBN and retail and lifestyle corporation SM Mart as among several others worth considering.


Accounting and Finance

Another essential across most industries, and is an industry in itself, is Accounting and Finance. Along with the extensive amount of skill and knowledge required to fulfill an Accounting and Finance role, more often than not is also the need for some to have earned a Certified Public Accountant license.

The stringent requirements are, of course, expected given the industry deals with individuals’ and organizations’ finances–and has since never been the easiest to hire for. With that, CPAs and other professionals with certifications and experience in finance have a variety of opportunities at their fingertips, including the PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies, who are presently hiring for an Accounting Officer, and the Eagle Cement Corporation, who are currently offering a new job opportunity for Tax Analyst, among others.


Media and Creatives

With the continued advancement of various software and other technologies has been the continued creation and expansion of media. This has led to many a business and organization to look to Media and Creative professionals to help them spread their brand message and reach their target demographic through now both traditional and digital media.

These roles require both creative and technical skills and are a key aspect across all industries, especially among businesses serious about going digital. This has allowed for graphic designers and content creators to have extensive careers, with no signs of slowing down in this current digital age. Opportunities are available across different industries, with the likes of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. and Luxury Global Malls, Inc


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