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Knowledge Creation: Where to Find Job Opportunities in Research
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Knowledge Creation: Where to Find Job Opportunities in Research

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on October 15, 2019

Envisioning a career developing business and operational knowledge? Then working in research is indeed for you, with the following companies worth considering applying to

While the largest and most successful organizations use significantly different business models and operate in varying industries, an aspect common to most of them is their previous and continued use of research.

Be it start-ups and corporations developing and improving their products and services, social enterprises launching new initiatives, or academic institutions expanding their learning curriculums, research– despite what a certain current Philippine senator says about it– is paramount in making and doing anything successfully.

While indeed important, jobs centered on research aren’t always the easiest to find, and it is understandable if you are not always too sure of how to go about finding opportunities in the knowledge creation field. 

The following are some notable companies worth your consideration, as they are not only among the more recognized within their respective industries but are also presently offering research-related career opportunities.



Considered the largest entertainment and media conglomerate in the Philippines, ABS-CBN Corporation is expectedly a place where research continues to be needed and utilized. From its hit television shows to its multi-awarded news programs, plenty of the company’s content is reliant on the work research professionals.

Given ABS-CBN has different business units, its research needs also significantly vary. Among the knowledge creation roles that the company is presently hiring for research analysts who cand deliver day-to-day client servicing and provide support in the design, implementation, data analysis and reporting of qualitative and quantitative findings and recommendations from market research studies.

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Acumen Strategy Consultants

Acumen Strategy Consultants is a consultancy firm specializing in commercial growth strategies, strategic design thinking, and purposeful analytics. Its services include consultancy for market assessment and entry strategies, as well as integrated marketing communications planning, and training for sales, distributor, and key account management.

Given Acumen’s various services are utilized by companies in different industries, crucial to the firm’s team are its research professionals responsible for strengthening and maintaining Acumen’s research and analytics expertise, develop its big data analytics capabilities, and manage the relationships with research and analytics suppliers, among others.

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S&P Global

An American publicly traded corporation specializing in financial information and analytics, S&P Global provides “intelligence that is essential for companies, governments, and individuals to make decisions with conviction.”  Among the company’s different services that they offer are data and analytics, research and commentary, and ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) solutions.

The company operates all over the world and is constantly hiring in areas such as New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Makati and Pasig City. Among the roles the company presently needs to fill is Assistant Editor for Research– tasked to edit various articles, research reports and marketing materials, and vet math in spreadsheets, tables, and graphs.

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Zuellig Family Foundation

Founded in 1997 as the Pharmaceutical Health and Family Foundation, what is now known as the Zuellig Family Foundation (ZFF) is committed to helping improve health conditions in rural Filipino communities by providing training programs for local government health leaders, including mayors and municipal health officers, to strengthen health leadership and improve governance.

In its continued pursuit of improving access to healthcare for the poor, especially in rural areas, ZFF makes extensive use of research and development. The foundation is constantly hiring for Research Associates, who can help spearhead technical support, coordination, and management to strengthen ZFF’s research agenda and capacities.

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Luxury Global Malls, Inc.

A wholly-owned subsidiary and business solutions partner of Megaworld Corporation, Luxury Global Malls, Inc. serves as the company’s retail subsidiary and is behind Megaworld's premier lifestyle and leisure destinations such as Venice Grand Canal Mall, Eastwood Citywalk, and Festive Walk Iloilo.

The commercial/lifestyle center industry constantly banks on research to help companies such as Luxury Global Malls understand the markets they establish themselves in and to further improve their product and service offerings and overall lifestyle experiences they provide. As a result, professional research opportunities are often available across all levels, including internships.

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1771 Group of Restaurants

Starting out with Chateau 1771, it’s flagship restaurant bringing “the best of French, Italian, Swiss, and Asian cuisine to young Filipino”, the 1771 Group of Restaurants has since grown to a larger group of dining providers to include Chateau 1771 Bonifacio High Street Mall, Sentro 1771 Greenbelt 5, Sentro 1771 Capitol Commons, Sentro 1771 Uptown Mall, Cafe 1771 El Pueblo, Ortigas, and Flatiron Uptown Mall. 

While a great deal of culinary skill and creativity goes into the company’s “No Borders Cuisine”, so does research and development, as 1771 employs Research and Development Chefs to not only do product development and menu planning but also identify market needs and trends.

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These are just over a handful of the companies you can find research-related career opportunities, as major businesses and organizations that take their operations and markets seriously will always have a need for research professionals that can help them improve all facets of their organization.

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