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Cutting-Edge I.T. Companies That Fresh Grads and Career Changers Can Apply to
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Cutting-Edge I.T. Companies That Fresh Grads and Career Changers Can Apply to

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on May 14, 2019

An industry encompassing almost all others, information technology continues to be a popular career choice, and the following are notable local I.T. companies where you can start yours

The information and technology industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the past few years. While continued innovations have led to new conveniences for customers and more efficient operations for organizations, consumer concerns about data privacy and worries about tech replacing employees also continue to persist.

With that said, the benefits have so far outweighed the challenges, and many experts even agree that while some jobs will indeed become obsolete as a result of new technologies, others will likewise be created. This is primarily a result of more and more companies leaning on I.T. and other innovations to increase and improve their business and operations, all but ensuring that the industry will have a place in some, if not all others.

At present, “I.T.” is a catch-all for the industry, as any job or business that primarily involves the operation of computers or developing for them is within the IT industry. If you’re having trouble where to start your I.T. career, it may be best to work in the industry directly before becoming an I.T. professional in another, and the following are some cutting-edge I.T. companies hiring fresh graduates and or career changers.



A Fortune 500 company that provides services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations in different locations around the world, Accenture has been present in the Philippines since 1985. Given its multinational status and its reputation for driving innovation to improve the way the world works and lives, Accenture is also a popular I.T. company to apply to given its numerous offices in major business districts in the country.

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A company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enable businesses to automate processes and assist customers and employees, Innovantage is the product of the merger of two tech organizations: OneView Managed Services, a software engineering and cloud computing company that creates solutions and delivers them via an extensible cloud platform, and Freshly Squeezed Creative Solutions, a multimedia design and technology firm that develops multimedia communications solutions.

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LeapFroggr, Inc.

A mobile app development and marketing agency that helps companies build SaaS or software products, LeapFroggr was established in 2013, and is also known for offering tech services aimed at generating more leads, acquiring signups, and converting them into customers. While proudly Philippines-based, LeapFroggr accommodates both local and overseas clients of varying business sizes.

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Philweb Corporation

Considered among the leaders in gaming technology in the Asia Pacific Region, Philweb is a publicly listed company that serves an average of over 40,000 customers a day via its nationwide network of online cafés, sports betting kiosks, and mobile games in the Philippines. The company also regards itself as a creator of a rewarding and dynamic work environment where highly competent, passionate, and innovative people have the opportunity to succeed.

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ThinkBIT Solutions

Another company that embodies the all-encompassing nature of I.T., ThinkBIT Solutions is a premiere software firm that provides development and design services for web and mobile platforms, including mobile app development, web apps, mobile games, branding, design, and digital marketing. Like other companies with a wide range of clients, ThinkBIT offers the opportunity to embark on an I.T. career with involvement in other industries.

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