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Common Health Risks Employees are Vulnerable to
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4 Common Health Risks Employees are Vulnerable to

By AJ Avañez on February 7, 2019

Statistics show that the average person spends over 90,000 hours at work, which equates to about a third of an entire lifetime. Given this, it’s inevitable for you to be exposed to common health risks that may come with your job.

We take a look at 4 common ones that employees are most vulnerable to below.


1. Stress

It’s not rare to hear people talk about how pressured they feel at work or how they can’t handle the workload given to them, which is why most employees consider work as the number one source of stress. This is a problem as work-related stress not only affects an employee’s productivity, but also their health.

Doctors are quick to point out that it can cause head and body aches, gastrointestinal problems, and heart disease. Psychologically, work-related stress is said to contribute to depression and anxiety.

It may also push a person to engage in unhealthy habits to cope, which could be harmful for the person’s long-term health. People who overeat, for example, are likely to be more vulnerable to diabetes and cancer, among other diseases.


2. Fatigue


 Fatigued person

Everyone needs enough time to rest every day. However, there might be times when you sacrifice sleep because long hours of work come your way. This could result in fatigue and be detrimental for your overall health. 

Similar to stress, it greatly affects your productivity and performance. You tend to become forgetful, have a slower reaction time, or feel very tired when you don’t get enough sleep. Your body’s immune system can also get disrupted and weakened against various infections.

Long-term, you increase the risk to catch more serious conditions that can affect your heart and digestive system.


3. Body Pains

Back pains


Whether you sit or stand at your job, the amount of time you spend at work will take a toll on your body physically. Your muscles and nerves can tense up, which might lead you to feel pain in different parts of your body like the neck and back. This is made worse when you slouch, have bad posture, or overwork yourself


4. Virus and Bacteria

girl with flu

Virus and bacteria can easily and rapidly spread in a lot of work environments. Even though you don’t come into direct contact with a person who’s sick, there’s still a strong chance for you to get infected.

Studies have discovered that the desk is one of the least hygienic and most contaminated places in an office. You run the risk of picking up bacteria or catching a flu, for instance, if you touch items in your desk without first sanitizing them, even more so if you share the desk with other employees.

Infected people also unknowingly transmit viruses to other communal places and items such as a coffee pot, a door knob, or even the photocopy machine. Every time you touch your mouth, nose, or eyes when you use these items, you allow viruses to enter your system.

Ensure you are prepared even before you’re employed by availing healthcare protection that not only ensures you are covered in case of emergencies but also lets you take preventive measures against these health risks in the first place.

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