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Life at Kalibrr Indonesia: the Largest Growth Often Occurs in the Smallest of Places

By Dwi Fitria Aprilianti on February 2, 2018

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to witness the growth of a human being. It’s such an unadulterated happiness to see the growth from infancy into grown-ups, yet as adults too often we fail to seize the opportunities to create the same kind of rapid development.

In Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith suggested that people were fundamentally lazy and would only work for money. We all like to be comfortable, to feel that everything is predictable and safe. As human beings, we thrive on consistency, and we tend to self-segregate into the known realm that lends a sense of security to our daily lives. It’s the comfort zone we all know to well, inside which a little rabbit hole is nested: our complacency zone.

I started my career at a global management and technology consultancy, which exposed me to a dynamic, fast-paced, and incredibly challenging work environment. I got to collaborate with sharp, intelligent coworkers from whom I learned plenty. There were also a lot of chances to work with multinational companies, which allowed me to take a deep dive across different industries. It was amazing and most illuminating, but after a while I quickly lost my enthusiasm. I felt a dissonance between the company’s vision and my true passion.

Just then an opportunity came knocking at my door, and it didn’t take long for me to say ‘yes’. As someone who at the time was still trying to find my calling, the idea of helping people find meaningful career resonated with me. I also believe in the ability of technology to change lives for the better, so I joined Kalibrr.

Co-founded by Paul Rivera and Dexter Ligot-Gordon, both University of California, Berkeley graduates, Kalibrr is a technology company that innovates products and services to help Fortune 500 companies recruit the best talents and thousands of job seekers land their dream careers. It’s an organization of astrophysicists, engineers, consultants, philosophers, and activists that are working together to create impact.

Dexter Ligot-Gordon and Paul Rivera, co-founders of Kalibrr

When you work in technology, things move at a pace where the comfort zone is continuously shifting, forcing you to learn how to find comfort in the new.

When you work in technology, though, you can’t afford to get complacent. Things move at a pace where the comfort zone is continuously shifting, forcing you to learn how to find comfort in the new. I realized that I couldn’t just accept getting stuck, and I couldn’t allow myself to feel settled — not eeking out every ounce of my potential. After all, the lives we are living are not finite. They’re one massive and often overwhelming work in progress, and whenever we feel trapped, we always have the choice to step out of it into the growth zone.

The discrepancy between the skills of jobseekers and skills required by employers has become a major stumbling block in the country that Kalibrr is keen on addressing. The major constraint requires a relentless endeavor, and such were my initial assignments after I joined Kalibrr as a Digital Consultant who handled product management and digital marketing: it reminded me of a roller-coaster ride. There were so many unexpected twists and turns, pits and peaks, and bursts of adrenaline rush.

Kalibrr Indonesia Team at Scale Up Your Tech Career 2017 , part of Kode Indonesia 2017 event
It was scary, yet very exhilarating. It was humbling and uncomfortable too, which is good, because it is a catalyst for growth. It made me break my own mold and adapt. With only 15 team members in its first year, Kalibrr has managed to achieve many remarkable milestones, serving some of the largest companies in the country, providing job opportunities to over hundreds of thousands of Indonesian jobseekers, and even launching Kode Indonesia, a code-for-career initiative first held in 2017. We hustled, hustled, and hustled some more — maturing through learnings gained from accomplishments as well as hardships. And most importantly, it made me reflect on my own shortcomings and yearn for something more.

Kalibrr Indonesia Team’s work-life balance
The experience emboldened me to take risks, because I believe I’m capable of giving Kalibrr so much more. I’m capable of giving it my best shot. Together with Kalibrr, faithful to my pursuit to affect a change for the wider population, I aspire to achieve higher levels of personal and professional development by doing the one thing I love: writing.

I don’t only grow as the company grows. Now in my new role as a Digital Content Consultant, I’m given the chance to evolve and reach new heights. I’m blessed with an opportunity to actualize my dream and, hopefully, inspire others to be brave enough to reach theirs too.

The transition to a completely new domain hasn’t been easy, but I can say one thing: it’s worth the effort.

Growth is possible anywhere, so long you always possess the mindset and willingness to continuously learn and work on yourself.

I believe that growth is possible anywhere, so long you always possess the mindset and willingness to continuously learn and work on yourself. But most progress is often made when we are amongst the things that we care about, things we make mistakes in and get better at, and things that push the boundaries of our comfort zone. Embrace the discomfort in doing the things you find joy in, and always continue to grow.


Kalibrr is on a mission to help companies discover the best talents and jobseekers find their dream career. Jobseekers, head to this page and find a career in Indonesia’s best companies!